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Theia is a new language for motion for the visually imparied, drawing on our ability to understand physicality through multiple senses.

Theia uses a wireless network of sensors attached to athletes and equipment to translate every jump, goal, and finish into musical and tactile expressions. Sport is not just about the competitor; spectators are participants as well. 

For visually impaired spectators, the sporting event experience is, at best, often reduced to limited audio commentary or, at worst, a void of ambient noise. However, these events need not be exclusively visual - instead, we imagine movement as a sensory symphony.


Within the first two weeks of a rigorous six-week project, we interviewed several paralympians, and generated concepts based on our insights and further research. A proof-of-concept prototype was developed using Arduino to process input from force sensors placed on the calves to detect turns, and output sound through hacked headphones. Ergonomic studies were conducted to determine optimal sensor placement and headset design.
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