We are all moving power plants. 


ONIXX is an ergonomic textile that generates energy through the user’s natural body movement, using the lightweight and versatile properties of dielectric elastomers. It is a personal and effortless green energy solution that, in parallel with an educational platform, integrates seamlessly into the user’s daily life to encourage sustainable energy consumption habits. 


This first version of ONIXX is designed for outdoorsmen and avid travelers, targetting nature enthusiasts motivated by community-oriented and sustainable lifestyle habits. ONIXX’s future 2030 vision involves a greater sharing platform of democratized and crowdsourced human generated energy. 

The racking, or soft zig-zag detail, emphasizes the notion of movement while providing significant stretch to the textile.The pixelated orange pattern speaks a bold, active, and futuristic language.
The ONIXX textile is knit with highly elastic bio-degradable viscose elastane yarn, comfortable and suitable for various conditions. The final design consists of a pair of leggings with removable knee patches lined with zips that allow exchange for repair or customization.
DEs can generate energy when placed under a bias voltage and subjected to stress and strain. Calculations from recent DE material developments indicate that an iPhone 5 can be charged in ~4000 steps, the amount an average person walks per day..
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ONIXX App: Translate & Relate
Going beyond modern fitness trackers, the app equates your steps to energy harvested to find out how much you've charged. This reflection makes understanding of energy consumption a more personal and relatable experience, and aims to encourage more sustainable habits.
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+HUBs: From Empowered Individuals to Networked Communities

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