An international project with Shenkar University of Design and Engineering to develop new products and opportunities to improve social-cultural and economic wellbeing for Hiram, a mental rehabilitation center in Kibbutz Harduf, Israel. 

Hiram offers residential rehabilitation through ceramic, jewellery, and textile crafts for young patients with a high potential for rehabilitation suffering a range of mental disorders. 


A cohesive line of crafts inspired by the nature of Harduf was developed, contributing to a stronger brand identity for Hiram that speaks true to its nourishing and peaceful environment.

Hiram encourages a healthy lifestyle in a peaceful setting. By engaging in a series of creative workshops, the residents of Hiram find healing through making.
A demonstration of the peeling technique - calming with simple repeatable gestures and intriguing patterns.
A card and photo holder inspired by hills of Harduf and reflects the first letter of Hiram in Hebrew, ח - The making process marries ceramic carving techniques and the hammering of metals.
Simple organic shapes becomes a canvas for creative input. The copper pieces can be hammered or enamelled to create one of a kind textures, giving each piece extra value and unique aesthetic.
The design gives softness to metal wall hooks by sculpting animal-shaped textiles over a flexible wire frame, allowing for a various designs inspired by the anthroposophic philosophy of Harduf.
These versatile stamps aim to bring creativity and delight to a family kitchen when baking with loved ones. The graphics are inspired by the natural beauty of Kibbutz Harduf.
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