While much of my work at PARC is confidential, here's a taster of what I've been up to.
Please reach out if you'd like further information!


Since February 2016, I've been a User Experience Designer and Researcher in Palo Alto Research Center's Innovation Services Group, a consulting arm. I help clients from multinational Fortune 500 companies and the government reduce the risk of adopting novel technologies and bridge the gap between the lab and market through rigorous qualitative studies and holistic design practices. Due to my hybrid background in engineering and design, I work fluidly and effectively between technical, design, and business groups. I have successfully won follow-on projects with large clients, co-authored and contributed to several commercial and government project proposals, and initiated projects across both hardware and software labs at PARC.


I've been a key contributor to projects in industries such as
printed electronics, the IoT, digital design and manufacturing, healthcare / pharma, and many more. 



- Cool Things I'm Doing / Have Done -

  • Investigating the user experience and designing workflows for a next-generation computer-aided design / manufacturing / engineering platform.

  • Exploring how to embrace unconventional meetings for the workplace of the future.

  • Conducted a quantitative user study to shed light on driving habits and explore nudges that inspire more sustainable transportation behaviors in the absence of monetary incentives.

  • Primary Investigator of an extensive strategic effort for a multinational document solution company to review and assess the existing Channel Partner experiences, identify opportunities for improvement and potential barriers to adoption of new initiatives. Interviewed key corporate stakeholders across global marketing, strategy, and product development; conducted intensive ethnographic fieldwork with end users and channel partners from SMBs in the US and UK. A detailed report of core insights, user stories, a service blueprint of critical touchpoints, and actionable recommendations for solving Channel Partner challenges spurred an internal project to develop a new analytics tool for improved technical support workflows as recommended.

  • Spearheaded the product design development of a novel ocular drug delivery device for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company, conducting a series of rigorous usability testing across the US and Europe to inform technical development for a next stage prototype. Facilitated close collaboration between the design team and engineering team of mechanical engineers and polymer chemists to develop a refined and miniaturized device that reflected key research findings. Patent pending. The project has been acknowledged as a highly successful client engagement within PARC. I am now leading the design efforts of a follow-on research study to identify, prioritize, and refine core features for a market-ready product that is both user-friendly and operates within constraints of the device architecture.